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Welcome to e7line (referred to as 'the Website'). The Website is operated by CloudMatrix Co., Ltd. (referred to as 'the Company'). All services provided on the Website are subject to these terms and conditions. When using the services of the Website, please read these terms and conditions, the privacy policy, or other related terms that may be published on the Website in the future. Please ensure that you comply with the aforementioned terms and the laws of the Republic of China. If you are unable to comply with the contents of these terms or disagree with any part of these terms, please refrain from using the services of the Website. By using this service, you signify that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept all the contents of these terms.

1、Service Description
The main service of the Website is to provide online shopping. The Company may add, modify, or terminate related services depending on business development and consumer demands.

2. User Registration Obligations
Upon completing the registration process on the Website as instructed, users, unless otherwise specified, will be able to enjoy the full services of the Website. During the registration process on the Website, you may log in using your account and password from a third party to save time in filling out the required information. When you log in using your account and password from a third party, the system will automatically provide you with the information registered with the third party for your confirmation. After confirming, you agree to use that information to proceed with the registration process on the Website.
Before registering, please ensure that you meet the age restrictions set by the law. Please agree to the following: (a) Provide accurate, current, and complete personal information in the account application form. (b) Update personal information at any time to ensure that each piece of information remains accurate, current, and complete. If a user provides incorrect, outdated, or incomplete personal information or if the member's information is used by others, violates transaction security, or breaches the agreed terms and conditions, the Company reserves the right to suspend or terminate the user's right to use all services under the Company's jurisdiction. (c) Do not lend your account to others or transfer it for others to use. After using the various functions, remember to log out of your account. If you are sharing a computer with others or using a public computer, be sure to close the browser window.

3. Privacy Policy
The Company will collect, use, and protect your personal information in accordance with the privacy policy. You can visit the following URL to review the Company's privacy policy. The Company also reserves the right to modify the privacy policy in the future. When modified, the changes will be announced on the homepage of the Website and/or notified to you via email. To protect your rights, it is recommended that you regularly review the latest provisions of the privacy policy.

4. Transactional Behavior
(1) When using various promotional services on the Website, please ensure that the goods or services meet your needs before placing an order to avoid depriving other users of the opportunity to make a purchase due to limited availability. Please note that if the Website's system determines that you have a high frequency of returns, cancellations, or any behavior deemed inappropriate by the Company that causes operational difficulties or damages, the Company reserves the right to refuse transactions, suspend, or permanently terminate the provision of services on the Website to you.
(2) If you choose to make a purchase using a credit card, you must provide accurate credit card information. If it is discovered that the credit card information you provided is false or that the card has been fraudulently used without the cardholder's permission, this website may suspend or terminate your membership. If your actions involve a violation of relevant laws, legal actions may be taken. In order to protect the privacy and rights of members, this website does not retain the credit card number or other financial information provided by members during credit card transactions.
(3) You agree that all online transactions conducted on this website shall be based on the electronic transaction data automatically recorded by this website's computer system. In the event of a dispute, the electronic transaction data shall serve as the determining standard. If you find any inaccuracies in the transaction data, you should notify the company immediately.
(4) When using the 'Online Shopping Product Service' on this website:
This service is provided by this website for ordering purposes. However, the product information, message information, or consumption conducted on this website may be provided by third parties. In such cases, you are placing orders with and the respective third parties are responsible for fulfilling the orders according to their established transaction conditions. This website only provides marketing services, links, or an e-commerce platform service.
(5) After you have completed the online ordering process, this website will automatically send you a notification letter via email or other means. However, this letter only serves as a unilateral notice that the system has received your order information and does not imply that the transaction has been completed or a contract has been established. This website reserves the right to accept or reject your order. Once this website confirms the accuracy of the transaction conditions, completion of payment, and availability of stock, the company will directly notify the product provider or logistics provider to ship the goods without further notice. However, you can check the shipping status on this website.
(6) After you have completed the ordering process, if there are errors in the transaction conditions, the product is out of stock, the service cannot be provided, or this website is unable to accept the order, you agree that this website may proactively cancel the order and issue a refund.
(7) You understand and agree that while this website makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the relevant data, this website does not guarantee, in any express or implied manner, that all information appearing on the web page or related messages is complete, accurate, or up-to-date. If there are discrepancies in the specifications, pictures, or descriptions of the related products or services, the information provided by the original manufacturer, agent, importer, distributor, or service provider shall prevail. If the price indicated on the webpage is incorrect, this website will only charge you the lower, correct price or reserve the right to cancel the order.
(8) If the product does not meet your requirements, you may contact the customer service center through this website within seven days of receiving the product to handle related returns and refunds. However, if there are other instructions or restrictions stated on the product description webpage or related webpages, the returns and refunds shall follow those instructions or restrictions. The following products are not eligible for returns or refunds within seven days::
●Digitally or electromagnetically stored products, including but not limited to computer programs, digital music files, tapes, video tapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc.
●Products or data available for online download or provided through online transmission.
●Goods that are inherently perishable or easily damaged, as well as goods that cannot be returned or are unsuitable for return, including but not limited to flowers, food, and personal hygiene products.
●Goods that are custom-made, adjusted, or delivered according to your specified specifications, requirements, or time.
●Goods that require additional cooperation from you, other than simply receiving them, to complete the delivery, including but not limited to completing relevant registration or transfer processes.
●Goods such as newspapers, magazines, periodicals, or other regularly issued publications.
●Goods that have exceeded the storage period, or have deteriorated or been damaged when they are retrieved under normal shipping conditions.
You must ensure the integrity of all goods, gifts, accessories, packaging, and all accompanying documents or information when returning the goods. If there is a physical invoice, it should be returned together with the invoice and signed refund documents as required by relevant laws and regulations; otherwise, this website may refuse to accept your return and refund request.
(9) Regarding the quality, warranty, and after-sales service of all goods or services you order, they are the responsibility of the respective original manufacturers, agents, importers, distributors, or service providers of those goods or services, in accordance with their specified conditions, to provide you with quality assurance, warranty, and after-sales service. However, this website promises to assist you in resolving any doubts or disputes arising from online consumption.

5. Global Terms of Use
Please understand the global nature of the Internet and comply with the regulations on the use and transmission of Internet content in the Republic of China and your local country. This website should not be used for transmitting or posting illegal content. If any illegal activities occur, the company shall not be held responsible.

6. Restrictions on Competitor Use
If you are a market competitor providing similar or identical services as this website, without the written authorization of the company, you may not reproduce, publicly transmit, modify, deep link, frame link, or utilize in any way that may cause other users to mistakenly perceive any special legal relationship between you and this website or the company with regard to the information uploaded or posted by users. If you are unable to comply with the above provisions, please do not use the services of this website.

7. Service Changes
The company reserves the right to change all or part of the services provided on this website. The services on this website may also undergo changes due to the termination or modification of third-party services. You agree that any service changes mentioned above are risks that you should assume when agreeing to use the services of this website, and you may not make any claims against the company, its agents, managers, employees, or partner companies as a result.

8. Suggestions for Yuncity Information Services,The company encourages all users to provide suggestions and improvement ideas for the services provided. However, you must understand that: (a) Your suggestions should not infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others. (b) The company is not obligated to fulfill each user's suggestions. (c) The company has no responsibility to keep each suggestion confidential. (d) While users may submit suggestions, the company itself may already be developing or considering similar products. (e) The company has absolute rights to use any suggestions provided by users in its products or services. (f) The company will not provide financial compensation to users for their suggestions.

9. Liability for Infringement ,You understand and agree that all your actions on this website, including transmitting or posting information through the products or services provided by the company, are at your own risk and legal responsibility. However, if the company or its related entities and partners suffer damages due to inappropriate user behavior, the user shall bear all compensation responsibilities, including but not limited to reasonable attorney fees.
Prohibition of Resale or Other Commercial Use,The services or content provided on this website by the company are protected by intellectual property rights and related laws. Without prior written approval from the company, users are not allowed to reproduce, copy, imitate, resell, rent, sublicense, deep link, or utilize all or part of the services provided by the company. Violations may result in legal action taken by the company against the infringing parties.

10. termsOfUse37

11. Termination of Service,You agree that the company may immediately terminate your right to use the services of this website under any of the following circumstances, but not limited to: (a) Violation of these terms and privacy policy. (b) Compliance with legal or governmental requirements. (c) Modification or termination of the services provided by the company or its partners. (d) Unforeseen technical or security issues. (e) Fraudulent or unlawful behavior by the user. (f) Failure to pay the required fees.
When the company suspends a user's right to use, it may take the following actions: (a) Remove all provided products or services. (b) Delete all user account passwords and all related user information and user content within that account. (c) Restrict the user's future access to the products or services provided by the company.

12. Website Linking Guidelines,The services provided by the company may include links to other websites. As the company does not have control over the content of other websites, the company does not assume any legal responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the content, products sold, and advertisements published on other websites. In other words, if any user suffers any damages as a result of using products or services provided by other websites, the company will not be held responsible for any related compensation.

13. Disclaimer
a. This website is provided on an 'as-is' basis. When using the services of this website, users must independently judge the integrity and accuracy of the data content. The company does not make any commitments or warranties regarding the completeness and accuracy of the products or services.
b. The company and its affiliated entities do not guarantee that (i) the website services will fully meet the users' needs, (ii) the content of the website services is entirely accurate, (iii) the results from using the website services will meet the users' expectations, (iv) the quality of all products or services will meet the users' expectations in advance, (v) all problems arising from software design will be improved.
c. When users download data from websites affiliated with the company, they assume all possible risks that may arise during the process. The company does not bear any responsibility for damages caused by machine malfunctions resulting from such downloads.
d. The provisions listed in this disclaimer will not be changed by any oral or written warranties given by the company to the users.
e. A very small number of users may experience physical discomfort or dizziness when using computer-related services. If users have such symptoms, they or their family members should immediately assist in discontinuing the use of the website services and seek medical help.

14. Limitation of Liability All users must understand that the company does not assume any joint liability for direct or indirect financial losses incurred by users due to the following actions: (i) improper use of the website services, (ii) unauthorized use of the website services, (iii) financial compensation claims made by third parties against users, or (iv) any actions related to the website services. In some jurisdictions, the exclusion of certain warranties or the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages is not allowed. In such cases, the aforementioned limitations do not apply to you.
If a merchant providing goods or services is unable to fulfill the redemption of goods or services due to reasons such as closure or other circumstances, the amount paid by the consumer will be refunded by the website in accordance with the law, returning the purchase price of the goods or services to the consumer.

15. Exclusion Clause Some content in these terms may conflict with the laws of certain countries. In such cases, the laws of that country shall prevail for the enforcement of these terms.
Some of the content in these terms may conflict with the laws of certain countries. In such cases, the laws of that country shall be the basis for the enforcement of these terms.

16. Term Modifications
The company reserves the right to modify these terms, privacy policy, or other related provisions. Any amended provisions will be announced on the website. In case of significant impact on user rights, users with registered email addresses will be notified via email. The modifications will take effect from the date of the announcement on the website or the effective date stated in the announcement. If you continue to use the website services after the effective date, it will be deemed that you have agreed to such modifications. If you do not agree to the entire or partial modifications, please refrain from using the website services.

17. Declaration of Trademark Rights and Intellectual Property Rights
We respect the exercise of all intellectual property rights and encourage all users to comply with relevant intellectual property regulations. In the event of any infringement by a user, we reserve the right to terminate all or part of the user's access to our website and services. If you discover any infringement of your intellectual property rights by a user, we welcome the intellectual property owner or their representative to submit an infringement notice to us electronically or in writing. Please provide the following information in the infringement notice::
1. The intellectual property rights owned and their rights holders. If the notice is submitted by a representative, it is required to declare that they have been authorized by the rights holder to handle the matter.
2. Describe the infringement actions related to intellectual property rights.
3. The website, account, or other information through which the infringement actions can be verified by this website.
4. The website, account, or other information through which the infringement actions can be verified by this website.
5. Declare the authenticity of the aforementioned information and agree not to make any false or untrue accusations. Any violation of this agreement shall result in your own legal liability.
We will handle your infringement notice in accordance with the law. If it is necessary to remove the information alleged to be infringing, we may forward your infringement notice to the user involved. If you have any reports or questions regarding copyright infringement, please email our customer service center.

18.Other Provisions
1. Unless otherwise provided by law, any disputes and lawsuits arising from these Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the Taipei District Court shall have jurisdiction as the court of first instance.
2. The failure of the company to initiate legal proceedings against any violation of these terms does not imply the legitimacy of such misconduct. All provisions shall still be based on the terms stated herein.
3. Users are not allowed to transfer their accounts, which are part of the company's products or services, to third parties without authorization.
4. The titles of the sections in these terms are for convenience of reference only and do not have legal effect in their wording.

19.Violation of Terms of Use
If you discover any violation of these terms or suspected violations, please send a report to the customer service center via email.

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